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Bienvenidos a México

We don't just make food – we’re inspired to create it! We want you to experience our flavours, our music and our traditions right in the heart of Brisbane.


With fire in our hearts and eyes that light up the future Mexican cuisine scene of Brisbane, we want to share this space, our home and welcome you to a little piece of why our food is an integral part of our everyday life.


Our aim is to offer our guests the most authentic Mexican cuisine. It is not only a venue, it is a little part of Mexico built with love and filled with treasures from our "Patrona Virgen de Guadalupe” presiding in the dining room, to our trompo (spit roaster for tacos al pastor) and the terrace to enjoy an unforgettable lunch or dinner in one of the best parts of Teneriffe with the Mexican touch.


Rebeca Flores is from the Bajio region of Mexico (the centre)  Guanajuato which is rich in culture, traditions and customs, where most important events happen surrounded by food.


Our wholesome menu is inspired by Rebecca’s home region of Bajio, a state known for its flavoursome cuisine. Chef Alejandra Medoza brings us the best of Mexico's central region, the menu showcases influences from Mexico’s indigenous and Spanish eras. Think traditional enchiladas, moles, soups and al pastor-style tacos, bolstered by a selection of Mexican beers, cocktails and only the smoothest Tequila!

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